Starting some April seeds

And not being an idiot about it like last time.

So I did have a half bag of seed starting soil and a spare seed starting tray so I thought I’d see if I can start some more seeds.

Two types of heirloom winter squash, some of my fancy cilantro, my favorite cucumbers, some fancy ass scallop summer squash, and some swiss chard.

You will notice the neat labels for everything.

You will notice here in my last seed starting tray that there are no labels.

This is bad.

While seed starting material is good for germination- I don’t like it! It’s too light weight and doesn’t soak up the water right away and without this sort of tray system I wouldn’t use it at all.

I started some of the pink banana squashes and telegraph cucumbers here in these pots but I… did not label them and do not know which is which.

Of course it’s a moot point as it’s increasingly looking like neither will germinate.

In the back bit of the tray I put komatsuna and gai lan- and because both are brassicas- I’m not sure which is which!


But I know what the front cells contain- Jimmy Nardello sweet peppers.

And they are germinating!

Like- all of them. Which is way more pepper then I need.

But at least something is coming up!


One thought on “Starting some April seeds

  1. Squash are another one that I sow directly, although they transplant well too. I just don’t like to do it that way. I just put chard out in a row like lettuce greens. I am sort of concerned that they will be crowded. I know I will just thin them. I probably should have spaced them evenly, more like I would do with corn or squash or larger plants. I can’t believe I did it like this.

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