Current garden layout

As of April 21st 2022:

Gosh been a while since I’ve updated the layout- and it’s still out of date since I’ve planted things out since.

Still the most up to date layout I have!

As of May 5th 2020:

Hp: Herb pot- quite a bit of those

TBP: to be planted

Past abbreviations apply.

As of January 29th 2020:

LV: lemon verbena

BB: blue basil

GO: green onion

TC: tree collard

ST: strawberry

Not to Scale, pictures to come!

As of August 24th 2019:

Once again, not even remotely to scale!

PlBb: Pink Lemonade Blueberry

LV: Lemon Verbena

Bb: Blue Basil

TC: Tree Collard

GO: Green Onions

Rm: Roman Mint

Sm: Strawberry mint

As of April 9th 2019:

Not even remotely to scale!

FS- French sorrel

Succ- succulents

M and MT- mint and mint thunderdome

Po- potatoes

PR- pennyroyal

Cor- cilantro

Ch- chives

Sun- sunflowers

View from my window

Old layouts:

January 6th 2019:

Again, not even remotely to scale. Does not include various bits, bobs, and barbecues.


MT=mint thunderdome




FS= French sorrel


P= pepper

Actual pictures of back pending, right now it’s raining too hard!

As of 8/17/18:

Not even remotely to scale. The big shed for instance is more to the right- there are two kettle bbqs tucked in the concrete space, along with jettisoned pots and buckets from times past.







MT=mint thunderdome

Not pictured or labeled-

Small flat leaf parsley pot and mitsuba planter both living on the work table until further notice.

A view from the front to the back on the left side of the path:

A view from the right side of the path;

This is all highly subject to change!