April planting, part 1

It’s April! and there’s so much to do!

Like fix… this.

Man when napa cabbage goes it goes huh.

I had to get out my good pruners and cut these guys down into pieces just to get them to fit in the green can.

I noticed a sort of cotton-y and weird bug residue on the bolted cabbage, and on the giant red mustard behind it. The problem is, I’d like to keep the mustard greens so I went investigating.

EEEE. I don’t know what those are but they’re dead now. I nixed the leaves that had the frass or egg sacks and sprayed stuff down with B.t. as I’m fairly sure that’s some kind of lepidopteran.

If not I have other sprays.

The mustard is definitely in good shape, bugs aside, and since it’s one of the more heat tolerant brassicas I’m gonna keep it going as long as I can.

So there you have it. A cleared bed.

I’m keeping the non-bolted broccolini for future munchies and I’m gonna harvest the last of the kohlrabi soon- but look at all that space.

Too bad I don’t have squash starts, but that would involve going to my local garden center and I’m pretty serious about self-isolating…

The squash angel made a delivery!

One of my darling coworkers picked up 4 squash starts for me knowing I wouldn’t be able to come in and pick them up myself!

It’s two of the round boys,

And two of the classic long boys.

Zucchini is back on the menu!

Allright! Time to get to work!

When planting veggies you have to amend with the stinky stuff.

But considering everything that’s going on the fact that I can smell the stinky stuff is a good sign.

I’m going with one of each here. Technically each one is three plants but in my experience one or two will fail so this way I’m hedging my bets.

Also with my ham hands breaking these guys apart without damaging the roots would be pretty impossible.

Gotta know your strengths and weaknesses!

This bed was great for squash last year, so I’m confident this will work out well.

Since it is starting to warm up considerably I’m all in for mulch.

It also means there’ll be a non soil platform for the baby squashes to sit on.

And there you have it- thanks to elbow grease, chicken manure, and the power of friendship my first squashes are in!

I’ll take another bed for the remaining two plants, I’m thinking of trying to trellis them like I did the cucumbers, to maximize space.

This was a good day.



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