April planting, part 2

This- was the sun herb bed in the before times.

A mess.

Besides the weeds surrounding it, it was flush with weeds inside it.

It was a mess.

One interesting fellow had returned- the immortal apple mint.

This is a plant I put in an old bed 10 years ago- the bed is gone, the mint is not.

Reason number a billion why mint belongs in pots.

Vigorous little guy too!

Alright- we’ll see if you can live nice in a pot as opposed to taking over my sun bed.

Now you may note that the above pictures look a tad old- that’s because they are. I was prepared to do the work on this bed last week, but time got away from me.

But now- finally- I am ready to do some work.

The plan is to replace the berggarten sage with a new one, and add some nice thyme to the bed. I also pruned the heck out of everything.

I moved carefully- as to avoid disturbing the ladybug’s honeymoon.

I was going to rip out the lemongrass- but after giving it a close shave I noticed healthy green stems, so I’m gonna leave it to resprout.

Weeding done, I have to amend the bed.

I could use the loam builder but I am getting sick of that chicken manure smell.

I have an old bag of steer manure though, and I can just use a few good handfuls of that- alpine mediterranean herbs need a lot less food than other plants do- and steer manure doesn’t smell as bad as chicken manure does.

Yeah turns out cow poop smells pretty bad- it just tends to not smell til you open the bag.

Today I learned a thing that everyone knows.

Womp womp.

So ta-da? Sage and thyme are planted just in time for another wet weekend.

I’ll mulch after the wet weather passes, Don’t want to give slugs a home in the bark til I’ve laid down some sluggo.

Slowly but surely things are getting done around here- but gosh I miss work.



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