April downpours aka what’s next? Locusts?

Was gonna title this April showers, but this wasn’t an April shower, it was an April Deluge.

Yesterday we had scattered showers, so I didn’t take in anything or cover anything I just shrugged and took the day off.

But today, the heavens opened.

Which is kind of a problem for the newly potted tomato.

I know from experience a couple years ago- a sprinkle is one thing, but a downpour is a one-way ticket to a messed up tomato. These are not plants that like a constant soak.

But- I can’t turn off the heavens! What do I do?

Well hello there enormous golf umbrella- pleased to make your acquaintance.

Yeah that’s just plain goofy- but it works!

As for the baby tomatoes that’s easy- just a trip to the work bench where they will stay until Tuesday when the rain stops.

The rest of the seedlings will just have to deal.

And honestly they don’t look too bad.

They’re just enjoying the rain.

The tree collard is too- so are most of my plants, it’s just that tomatoes in particular can get a little iffy if over-watered. Which is why if this was a normal non-pandemic Spring I wouldn’t have planted it yet. But… well.

Hours later the rain stopped so I uncovered my ‘Mater. And it looks ok!

While tomatoes can get weird when over-watered, they are a plant that is basically a weed so overall I’m not concerned.

If this kind of rain went on for a couple of weeks- but it shouldn’t.

But I have no idea what the strength of the rain tomorrow will be, so I’m keeping Mr. Enormous golf umbrella outside for another day.

I’ve worked too hard for this tomato to do otherwise!


5 thoughts on “April downpours aka what’s next? Locusts?

    1. OOF. Yeah, sometimes you bug me about why I start things in pots- it’s because the times when you want to start seeds it’s too prone to just floods of water! But hey- you can re-sow tomorrow, not too much of a delay.

      1. It is embarrassing. I must do it when no one is around. (Although, I doubt that they would notice what I am doing.) Hey, no one is around nowadays anyway!

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