Last Brassicas of January

Well they were planted in January, I’m aware it is now February- no heckling from the peanut gallery please.

So as the weather warms up I am focusing on harvests and maintenance and clearing beds so I have space for spring planting.

I probably should tell myself that instead of buying more komatsuna and mustard to plant. In my defense- they’re yummy.

A third brassica species has entered the game- Brassica juncea- mustard greens.

Welcome to the party friend, looking forward to eating you!

Since the cats dug up the napa cabbages here I have space.

And in they go. Not in a perfect row but perfection is for… other people.

The disaster bed turned out to be less of a disaster then I thought- several harvestable if buggy bok choy and two very nice kohlrabi hiding among the ones that failed to fatten up.

And of course- Komatsuna. Look I like the stuff, the other ones are bolting and its hard to get in stores unless I take the bus to Japantown.

I will say that I’m not filling in the side here and if they don’t make it so be it.

This is the sunniest bed so in a few months it will become tomato-land. But for now it’s only the first of February so I have time.

In other site news- I updated my garden map.

And as of January 31st- it’s already out of date!

I think I’ll go ahead and heckle myself- I deserve it.


2 thoughts on “Last Brassicas of January

  1. “…but perfection is for… other people.” Best line Evan. I am in New England and dream of gardening in a climate like that in your lovely blog. Best, Babsje

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