My obsession with lagoon blue continues

Look. I do intend to eventually pave/tile one of the terraces so that me and the family have a lounging/eating/sukkah area with plants in pots and some nice furniture to hold them.

Also so the bench stops sinking into the ground.

To that effect I’ve already spray painted a lovely three tier plant stand in my mother’s favorite shade of blue.

So last week I got my trusty can of lagoon ready and started spraying!

The white poly table is something I picked up at work. It’s made of recycled plastic bottles. It was indoors holding houseplants but I got something better so it can fulfill it’s purpose as an outdoor plant stand.

The wooden thing I picked up on mission street. Literally. It was abandoned a few blocks from me and as it didn’t have upholstery to harbor bedbugs I thought- yay plant stand.

Of course it would have to be painted to match first.

Ta da!

Well almost.

I ran out of paint!

So I had to wait a week for a delivery.

Of course then I had to wait for a day off and a non-rainy day to finish the job.

Like today!

See it’s a little spotty.

But nothing some more paint can’t solve.

Obviously the bedraggled mint is just a test pot for fit but hey! It’s a nice stand!

Of course since this area isn’t paved yet the polywood doesn’t have room yet.

So I moved it to the side… and put the spud on top.

Yay! The spud has a nice table all to itself!

Anyways this whole thing has left a bit of a mess.

But as I’ll be chopping off this grass soon who cares if it’s blue.

One last look at the bench area for posterity.

Oh dear. It’s sinking into the soil isn’t it.

This is why I want to tile it. Also why I need to give everything a good chop.

Next week. I’m just proud I managed to spray paint things blue without painting myself blue.

That’s not always a given.


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