A new plant stand

That only took a little bit of work.

I bought a nice plant stand at work, but there was a problem- it’s an indoor plant stand. Not the most water resistant of metal.

But there’s a technical solution to everything.

And it involves teal spray paint!

It’ll protect the stand from rust, and it’s my mom’s favorite color.

Win win!

The first step to any painting project is a tarp of course. Don’t spray paint the grass! Or your plants or your pots or your fence or your bench.

Or yourself. Oops.

Anyways most of the paint ended up on the plant stand, and only some on the now even bluer tarp.

I even had a buddy come by and inspect my work. Luckily they landed after the paint was mostly dry.

And here’s the final result. It’s nice and elegant, but more importantly, it’s very practical. Should help with keeping the outside neat, as well as making it easier to keep pots off the ground and out of the reach of scale which keeps bothering my mint plants. The Roman mint in all its overgrown glory looks particularly nice cascading over its pot.

Not bad for a sunny days work last week, and I might get a second one so the bench can be flanked.

Of course there’s what needs to be done to the bench.


So maybe the metal parts of the bench will be teal soon too.

We will see!

Tetraptych on familiar themes

I used to paint and draw a lot. I was one of those kids who doodled on every piece of homework I turned in. My parents encouraged me- but pretty much no one else did, so I stopped drawing and painting and started writing- something I’m much better at honestly. I also have a slight essential tremor- so I was never going to be a surgeon.

But I’ve never stopped wanting to paint- and with all the rain and wind, garden work wasn’t on the agenda today so I thought I’d break out the acrylics.

The lemon tree is probably my favorite- drawing arugula is hard! But it’s nice to experiment with so much green, and it’s nice to have paint stains on my hands again.

I think I’ll give these away to friends- except the Joi Choi- mom wants that one.

I have so many old canvases in the closet, maybe with practice I’ll get better at drawing the plants in my garden.

It was really nice to mix colors again.