Tetraptych on familiar themes

I used to paint and draw a lot. I was one of those kids who doodled on every piece of homework I turned in. My parents encouraged me- but pretty much no one else did, so I stopped drawing and painting and started writing- something I’m much better at honestly. I also have a slight essential tremor- so I was never going to be a surgeon.

But I’ve never stopped wanting to paint- and with all the rain and wind, garden work wasn’t on the agenda today so I thought I’d break out the acrylics.

The lemon tree is probably my favorite- drawing arugula is hard! But it’s nice to experiment with so much green, and it’s nice to have paint stains on my hands again.

I think I’ll give these away to friends- except the Joi Choi- mom wants that one.

I have so many old canvases in the closet, maybe with practice I’ll get better at drawing the plants in my garden.

It was really nice to mix colors again.


3 thoughts on “Tetraptych on familiar themes

  1. Ha! My mother saved some of my first finger paintings. One featured a big cherry tree, a big avocado tree, and blackberry canes in between. Another ‘painting’ I did with pastels when I was more ‘mature’ shows pears hanging on a tree.

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