A surprise harvest

So it’s really nice when you go to clear a bed that has a bunch of stuff in it thats a little messy and you find that messy does not mean inedible.

Like yes that’s 50% oxalis but I see you fat little kohlrabi! Also the bok choy behind the gross one in front- edible!

I had pulled some good ones from this bed for a friend but when I’d looked at the others for my use they had not fattened up. But it looks like behind the bad ones were these two beauties!

Half that day was weeding, which led me to my next surprise- the yerba buena in the raised bed is… acting like the mint it is!

Which is great! But it means having to weed around it. The new growth is super vigorous and oh boy I’m gonna have a problem when it’s time for spring planting.

I think I forgot the “no mint in beds” rule because Yerba Buena is a “mint relative.”

Eh that’s next month’s problem. This month I’m gonna have some Yerba tea!

In more harvest news the last of the parsnips were ready to take up.

I am super all in on these. Once I have more soil I am for sure making a ten gallon fabric pail for more parsnips- sanding the soil a bit better this time. They just grow so easy from seed and that makes me happy.

Now just because I had a few good heads of choy didn’t mean I also didn’t have some unauthorized visitors. But that’s why you shake out/wash your cabbage downstairs before taking it up and washing it again!

All in all for the last haul of January this was not bad at all!

The parsnips are what has me the most excited- for proof of concept reasons if nothing else.

It’s nice when something works!


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