Winter garden haul

Or- getting my butt in gear for the rest of the year part 2: electric boogaloo.

First up- carrot seeds for the bed that won’t arrive for a week or so. Your basic orange long boys your basic orange fat boys and your fancy carnival boys. I mean sure I could give you their real names but where’s the fun in that!

Also- considering how terribly I failed at growing romaine from seeds in the greenhouse, I bought some romaine sets just in case the direct sowing doesn’t work. Also some red lettuce because yum- red lettuce.

I do still have some seeds- and I have a new seedling start system so that will be a post on its own. But just in case- some plants.

Also the next level in organic pesticides- neem oil. Because while the mild winters in San Francisco mean no frosts- that can mean less of a die off in pests then you get in other climates. Oh there won’t be nearly as much of a pest problem then there was in July- thank god. But without the frost to really kill off the bugs, there will definitely be some continuing issues, and I believe in being prepared! Lettuce in particular can attract slugs and snails which are much more active in winter. I still have Sluggo for them, I’m just going to have to be much more proactive in laying it down.

Also, drum roll please:

Ta-da! Pictured: what looks like overkill but actually isn’t. See the yet to arrive carrot bed will hold around three bags and I need to take the top layer of bean debris off the top of the double bed which means another bag split between them- AND there is the two empty and waiting pots that I’m going to… well do something with and they’ll need soil too. So yeah, this gives me enough soil within a reasonable margin or error.

Because there will be error. There is always error when gardening in San Francisco.

San Francisco is a lot like Westeros. Only it isn’t the cold we anticipate, it’s the rain!

The wet season is coming! God please we really need it!

And while the wet season means much less watering, it does come with some added challenges. Such as having to mow in between your raised beds and pots because suddenly the weeds return. Also what am I going to do with my nice succulent pots to prevent them from drowning?

So yeah. Winter is coming.

And I am ready!


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