Bean beds are now the greens beds!

Some good work in the back planting those nice plants I bought a few days ago.

First I scraped all the old debris off the double bed- all the decayed bean leaves and old mulch. Then I topped off the beds with some fresh potting soil after I worked the soil a bit. Then it was just a matter transplanting the plants. The little gem romaine took some doing, some of the leaves were a little wonky and one of the plants was actually three plants so I sacrificed two for the least wonky one.

The red lettuce was real nice. One plant per pot- all well developed no spots or bugs. Gotta love it.

I also sowed the neighboring bed with seeds. Arugula and Swiss chard seeds, which I will thin as needed later.


Since the romaine sets are so dodgy I also got a small coir pot greenhouse and sowed some romaine seeds.

You start with this and add water, which turns into this:

And then you rip the tops off a little and press a seed into each little pot.

And then you put it in your waiting greenhouse!

Basically this way- even if the 6 romaine lettuces fail I’ll have something to transplant.

Which leads to the possibility that everything will succeed which means I’ll be scrambling to find a ton of pots to put lettuce in.

But hey- it’s romaine! It’s tasty and nutritious! And if you grow it yourself you aren’t risking salmonella or E. coli scares like when you buy it.

I mean- unless you have really unhygienic growing practices.

So to recap: grow your own romaine! But like, wash your hands first…


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