Saving the celery

I had two beautiful celery plants last fall, that were cut down in their prime by gophers.

So when I was purchasing plants pre-isolation, I bought one more celery and put it in a pot- so that hungry rodents would not be an issue.

What I did not consider is that perhaps Celery plants do not belong in pots.

That’s a lot of root. And it explains why no matter how much I watered or fertilized it the next day it would look like I hadn’t watered it in weeks.

The front section of gigantic shungiku was due to come down soon anyways- so I accelerated the timeline of tearing it out.

I had to dig a hole all the way down to the native topsoil, but that and a fistfull of surestart should be enough for this behemoth.

Then it was a matter of breaking up the root ball and cutting off the bad leaves.

And taking an artsy picture where it’s framed by chrysanthemums.

A good watering, a thick layer of compost top-dressing, and it looks pretty happy.

At this point I think the roots are so well developed that it’s not in danger of gopher attack. And it means I might get some nice cutting celery sooner rather than later.

I do sometimes forget that not everything belongs in pots.



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