Tomato thicket update

So the tomato thicket consisting of Julia and Spike needed a little TLC.

It’s been very very hot the last few days, and they’ve been growing their little tomato hearts out. Julia seems to be trying to escape the bed, while Spike…

Spike is an untamable eldritch horror that will consume all.

lucky for me untamable eldritch horror is my favorite flavor of tomato.

You do you Spike- I’m not even going to make an attempt.

Julia is far from untamable she just needs proper support. So three stakes it is.

She’s still a bit of a mess, but it’s not so much about aesthetics as it is keeping the flower buds from smushing into each other.

And boy has she set flowers.

All the tomatoes at this point have- which bodes well for a fat summer harvest.

My Petaluma hill purple has flowers and aphids- but the local ladybugs are on the case.

I’m just happy the temperature has finally dropped- I was about to melt, and so were all my non-tomato plants. The good side of at least four days straight of record temps was the spurring of the tomatoes to flower and hopefully fruit.

I almost regret not growing corn this year- we’re gonna have the temps for it.

That was a joke. I do not regret not growing corn. I never regret not growing corn- I only regret growing it.

I mostly never regret growing tomatoes.

Even if they are unspeakable eldritch horrors.


One thought on “Tomato thicket update

  1. If I could choose, I prefer the docile determinate tomatoes, like ‘Roma’. However, some of the best, including the cherry and slicing tomatoes I am growing this year, are untamable eldritch horrors.

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