Tomato time- everybody into the pool!

Or rather everybody into the plot.

That’s just sad- an empty bed with a bag of good soil on top.

Time to fix that.

After a spot of weeding and digging- and weeding and digging- and… The bed was filled with the good new soil, and ready for planting.

I have those three black krim and three glaciers left, and it was time to plant them.

I did have to brush off some hitchhikers though- go be a spider somewhere else.

At first I was going to divide the tomatoes up into the two beds but then I thought- meh, lets save space.

On the bright side- my tomatoes ARE VERY VIGOROUS.

When I slid out the first Black Krim I was nervous that the root development wouldn’t  be enough- NOT A PROBLEM!

So then it was just a matter of burying them as deep as they’d go, mounding up as much dirt as possible and giving them a good water and fertilize before mulching.

Mulching *and* staking as a couple of my larger ‘maters were already floppy.

I haven’t been gardening as much as I’d like because our weather went absolutely sideways. Bright sun coupled with random heavy downpours. It was a trip even for San Francisco. Now that this business is taken care of though quite a lot of my gardening is going to transition into maintenance and harvests which suits me just fine.

Still do have to fill that last bed though… stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “Tomato time- everybody into the pool!

      1. They were started on time. I was not planning on developing a new vegetable garden here, so did not start vegetables when I should have. I only developed the garden because we could not go to work. By that time, it was a late start. I am not too worried about it. The growing season is long, and things will catch up fast. I will just start getting produce a month later than I should.

  1. Do you have to do anything to the roots when they look like that? Spread them out somehow? Or are they fine if you just put them in the plot?

    My tomatoes went from under the plant light to larger pots and outside this weekend! We have “micro toms “ and pope cherry indigo rose.

    1. I like to gently break up the bottom roots and bury them deep- I also use some sure start or any microryzal starter fertilizer to encourage root growth- but honestly if the roots are that vigorous basic planting will be fine.

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