Weed whacking for dummies- by a dummy

So, in a nice bit of news- my father fixed the string trimmer.

So I got to work.

I went around munching on the wild miner’s lettuce before it got whacked- which was a tasty treat.

Some of the more beneficial bugs really liked everything getting trimmed back.

Why hello there little lady, I hope you like the new decor!

Of course, the real work was in moving everything so that proper cutting back could begin.

Wow this was a mess. I mean part of it is just that this area needed a trim, but for sure part of it was that with the big bench there- it’s hard to regularly weed.

Scrap plywood saves the day. In the future I’m gonna tile this area all nice so weeds will be much less of a problem. But in times like these we have to make do with what we have, and this piece of scrap wood has been in the garage literally over a decade so at this point I don’t think dad’s doing anything with it.


Of course, in moving things to get access to weeds, there were a few casualties…

Oops- I’m a dummy!

RIP cracked blue pot.

I was moving it around to get beneath it when I hear a sort of low “thunk”. Next thing I know the soil decided to go for a walk.

It’s a clean break though- so I’ll have some fun with it.

Boom- Corner planter.

Maybe I’ll put some of the miner’s lettuce in there- as like an artistic thing.

Anyways it’s really nice to see everything so neat and trim. I still have a ton of work to do but this will make it more pleasant for me, and also help keep the ambient bug level down.

One block remains un-trimmed.

Because this area is getting an entirely new bed, and is it’s own day’s work.

Slowly but surely things are getting done!

And I’m getting my exercise despite not being at work.

By… lifting around bags of soil which is what I do at work.

Hey, gotta keep up those gains!



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