The indoor garden: de-gnating a snake plant

Slowly but surely I’ve been treating all my houseplants with ground up B.t. to eliminate my minor but very annoying fungus gnat problem.

I thought I was mostly done- until I jostled my potted sansevieria starfish and a bajillion bugs flew out.

As this was late at night my incredibly grown up reaction was to run downstairs with it and absolutely cover it in diatomaceous earth.

And then leave the problem for the morning because it was too late to deal with bugs.

In the morning I checked on the plant and discovered a few things.

One- I repotted this sucker way too soon- it’s roots were very shallow, and it should have stayed in the pot I bought it in.

Two- It was very wet for a snake plant I’d been barely watering.

Twas the pot’s fault.

It’s a lovely pot- but it has a small drainage hole and retained too much moisture despite very little watering.

No worries- I can re-use it for something more moisture loving.

First things first I made a custom soil mix out of indoor potting soil, perlite, DE sprinkled throughout AND B.t. powder that I made from grinding up some mosquito dunks in my grandfather’s mortar and pestle.

Basically it’s a soil mix that will promote drainage and kill bugs.

Then it was time to dry out the plant as best as possible. The roots were healthy- but underdeveloped. No rotting though- but it will be much happier in a smaller container.

And there we have it.

I set the inner pot in a nice cache pot and I’m waiting a week to water it at all. You can go months in-between watering snake plants, and I intend too.

Look- fungus gnats are a fact of modern living. For most of us they’re in the drains no matter how we treat out houseplants. But careful watering and the occasional treatment can stop one or two buggies from turning into an indoor plague.

Which is super duper gross.


One thought on “The indoor garden: de-gnating a snake plant

  1. That seems like a lot of work for fungus gnats. I never did anything for them. Of all the houseplants I grew between 1990 and 2006, only a big Kaffir lily. Of course, I did not water much.

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