Buddy Aloe has a baby

So buddy aloe has been happy as a clam in his nice terra-cotta pot on the workbench, out of the sun and rain.

How happy?

He’s had a couple of babies.

Now I got him because he had the beginning of pups, and I wanted to double or triple my fun, but his babies have gone from almost ready to repot to “I need to move out dad” very quickly.

Pictured, a son who needs a pad of his own.

I thought I’d use the usual succulent cutting procedure. You know the drill, cut off section, wait a week for a pellicle to form, then stick it in soil.

Only, the darn thing has a root!

So buddy aloe’s son, baby aloe is in his new home, where he can play video games as late as he likes, and paint the walls whatever color he wants.

Yes I’m aware this metaphor has gotten away from me, but if weird copy is the worst thing isolation does to me we’ll all be lucky.



2 thoughts on “Buddy Aloe has a baby

  1. Aloes are magic; I’ve always had a fondness for them after using their juice on a close encounter with a 6-inch grinder years ago – healed in a week with no marks.

  2. They produce many pups. I tend to divide them prematurely, but I can not keep up with this species of aloe. I happen to need to put some Aloe arborescens out by the road in the next few days, preferably before rain predicted for Saturday and Sunday. They have been laying around as cuttings for more than a year!

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