Ladybug bonanza

As I was hard at work constructing the new bed that isn’t ready yet- I noticed a gorgeous green aphid climbing on my new metal construct.

Time to see if the ladybug lures work!

It’s a little tablet filled with pheromones and if you sort of cut it and hang it on a branch it’ll attract everyone’s favorite beetle.

The tree collard is the only plant with really active aphid activity- say that five times fast!

So I affixed the little lure to the leaves and was gonna call it a day when…

I remembered I still have a couple of these bad boys in the fridge.

Now the trick with releasing ladybugs is to place the adults near a food source, at evening/night, that’s misted with water.

Now it’s the larvae that are the most voracious aphid and bug eaters- the adults are less choosy and can also eat pollen. So the shungiku and rosemary were the best bets.

Go my sleepy warriors!

Fill my garden with your babies!

Learn to eat the scale bug that’s infested my mint?

(This one’s a bit of a hail mary but I’m desperate.)

They seem no worse for wear for having been in a fridge a while- and seemed to like their new homes.

I left the can beneath the rosemary, under the watchful gaze of a ceramic salamander.

Time for hominids to be in bed, and ladybugs to sleep in the safe embrace of my plants. Both of us have work to do in the morning.


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