Sunday Open Thread 3/22/20

Well, this is the second Sunday for me self-isolating, might be week one for you- but regardless, how is everyone?

I hope everyone’s gardens are doing well, whether they’re indoors, outdoors, mental, or in Animal Crossing.

(Isn’t is lucky that was coming out now?)

I recently had to do some heroics to de-fungus gnat a snake plant. This buddy is an emerald pothos- who’s very easy to take care of.

I fixed last weeks issue with threading comments, that should be possible now. Same rules as last time, be kind and no doom and gloom.

I’d like to see pictures of your plants, indoor and out- Let’s share our gardens!


7 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread 3/22/20

  1. This week’s plant question: is my Zebra Haworthia (?) ok? It had leaves the same as the bottom row on top that broke off, and the new leaves are different? It’s really wobbly too.

    1. Huh. Succulents get leggy like that when they don’t have enough light but as photographed it looks like it gets plenty. How long has it been in that pot? Succulents like small-ish pot but even they need to be repotted once in a while. Maybe squeeze the pot to see if it’s root bound? At this point you could make multiple plants out of that one from the leggy bits if you wanted to.

      1. thanks, think it’s about a year old. will see if it’s rootbound, the area gets lots of indirect light but i have almost no direct sunlight in my apartment (or i would have a veggie garden on the balcony!

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