Rosemary getting fixed up at last

Lord I’ve let this thing grow a bit wild.

This thing is pretty old at this junction- but rosemary is eternal.

Here’s how you can tell how old this bush is.

This Rosemary was planted when this front area was covered with weed cloth and mulched. You can see the remains of the tattered cloth- not helping with a damn thing.

But it doesn’t matter to Miss Rosemary- she’s blooming like crazy anyways.

I didn’t cut her back too far- just so that the flowers were a little more exposed.

I’m also starting to use the string trimmer little by little.

Now that dad fixed the mess I made of it the last time I used it!

My salamander likes his new perch anyways.


One thought on “Rosemary getting fixed up at last

  1. We had three rosemary cultivars in town. One was the common trailing sort planted as a groundcover. The other two were culinary sorts. I put one in my front garden, and the other in the backyard next door. In the end, they all had the same flavor! I was able to let the two culinary sorts grow wild, and then just cut out big branches of it to let smaller branches take over without any shearing. Sadly, after I moved, the so-called ‘gardeners’ sheared mine into a rounded glob mixed with Algerian ivy.

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