Captain’s Log: February 20th 2019

So I found a really weird weed that looks like a geranium. One of the cranes-bill ones. Then I found another. So I picked them roots and all.

Probably just a weed.

Looks good in a pot though.

This was kind of my mood. Put a weed or two in a pot and hope it’s a flower.

You ever have a day where you accomplish a lot but it’s just entirely made of chaos energy? Yesterday was that day.

I potted up my French thyme, in my attempt to re-do my thyme supremacy, in pots this time.

No that wasn’t a pun.

Maybe that was a pun.

While I still need to weed under the greenhouse bench for now while my trimmer lays all winded up in itself it’s a bit of a thicket. At least the very large spiders are happy.

But above the mess the seedlings continue to grow! Here’s to many options for ‘maters!

Also my big ‘mater and some lettuces I’m going to need to find homes for. Not the green onions, don’t look at them, they know what they did.

My weird Ugni has some new growth.

As do my two favorite mints! This is mister Moroccan mint,

And this beauty is my beautiful pineapple mint.

In Japanese vegetable land the time has come. The komatsuna must go.

So must the tatsoi which has not impressed me with bug resistance.

In related news I am officially giving up on Brussels’s sprouts. I clearly messed up yes- with both not realized how tempting those stalks would be to gophers, and I think it’s entirely possible to grow these guys well at home, but you have to have a less busy schedule.

So It was time to do some pulling.

In the best news all week- my little destroyers have woken up. Just in time for the summer aphids that are waking up themselves.

So I cleared all the bolted stuff and saved the good things.

Pulling the tatsoi here showed me I have more lovely kohlrabi ready for eating!

And pulling the Brussels’s means plenty of space for cucumbers.

I do wish to pause and goggle at my shungiku.


To end on a better note, I potted up my three comfrey, but I will most likely move them when they’re bigger.

I am determined to make a bruise salve out of them, but I concede that under the blackberries was likely inappropriate due to the acidity.

It also looks like my emergency re-pot was the best thing for the tree collard- it has new growth!

And finally, the dead tarragon lives anew!

Spring is here, life returns, and I am ready for it.

I am also here for weed geraniums.



8 thoughts on “Captain’s Log: February 20th 2019

      1. I do not think of them as being all ‘that’ pretty. If I remember correctly, the flowers do not last long. Of course, they would be happier in San Francisco, so the flowers might stay longer.

        1. I just love that sort of foliage- the gaps in the leaves remind me of a monstera. I grow so few flowers due to mom’s (and my own) allergies- but she’s pretty sure she’s fine with geraniums so we’re both pretty happy we got two free flowers from nature- who knows, if these go well maybe I can buy the fancy cranes-bills from work as ground cover!

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