New year, new seedlings, new tomato varieties

Well as much as I’m trying to pull away from the stereotypical tomato centric summer planting, I like tomatoes.

Yes, yes, they don’t even grow well in San Francisco- but I live in a hotter part (relatively) and I like a challenge.

But I’m not falling into the tomato trap this year of putting in 10 plus plants and getting only the tomatoes one plant should give me. So I’m restricting my types as to maximize yield, and starting from seed.

Of course if problems arise I can always buy a supplementary start or two from work, but I like the challenge of seed starting.

I’m also starting some lettuces because I’d like to take more advantage of the chilly weather while I have it.

Romaine and butter-crunch sorted. Argg I have to take the time and separate those leeks though.

I’ve grown the Black Krim of course, it does well, but it’s vines tend towards craziness, so that’s why I’m hoping some of these seeds take- if I grow it from scratch better chance I can make the vines do what I want. The glacier is an obvious choice, smaller earlier fruit that will fruit well into the warm months is a good bet for any place with inconsiderate weather.

But Oooooh I am looking forward to the cherry falls. I’m trying very hard not to be weak and buy a sun gold plant this year. For all that they are delicious and productive they are also #1 with aphids everywhere. Seriously they could function as a trap crop it is ridiculous. But lord knows I love a cherry… this one supposedly is best in hanging baskets?

I want it.

The other thing I started from seed is cumin- mostly because I want to say I grew cumin. Will I get some cumin seed? Is Cumin leaf as tasty as the seed? I don’t know, lets find out.

Of course, the entire time I was working… I was being observed by unseen forces…

Ah- not unseen forces, the criminal cat. Well at least you weren’t putting your furry butt in my garlic bed.

Of course it’s too cold for tomato plants to germinate outside so everyone that’s not a lettuce gets to come inside for a month or so. I started so many because tomato seeds are fairly notorious for low germination rates.

And if they all germinate I hope some of my local friends don’t mind a gift of tomato plants. *hint hint*


One thought on “New year, new seedlings, new tomato varieties

  1. Tomatoes were something I missed in Montara. They grew adequately, and were adequately productive, but with that cooler and often foggier weather through summer, they were not nearly as productive as they are in the Santa Clara Valley. I should have appreciated the radishes and turnips there while I had the chance.

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