Tenacious Tarragon

So I’ve had some old dead tarragon under my shade herb pots for a while.

I set them there during the rains to see if they’d bounce back.

Not very bouncy.

The one in terra-cotta is stone dead, and I thought the one in ceramic was too.

Well what do you know?

After cutting back the dead branches the plant definitely seems like it is bouncing back.

My love affair with terra-cotta is not over, it’s just waning. It’s a good pot for anything that needs to dry out a bit, but for a lot of the shade herbs that’s a recipe for death.

Of course this leaves me with too much tarragon.

Because I’d bought two replacement plants.

I guess I’m just gonna have to make some tarragon vinegar.

What a sacrifice. How I suffer.


5 thoughts on “Tenacious Tarragon

  1. Will taragon start to grow this early? (and this was two weeks ago.) I would guess that if they are dormant for winter, that they would stay that way until the end. I have not grown it.

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