Wind, rain, fog; the effects of wild weather can still be felt after.

So after a good proper storming we’re in a dry period, and I can tally the damage.

The verdict? Not great!

It looks like the mildew issues in the 4×4 bed have outlived the squash vines, as these little mold filaments show. At first I thought they were some sort of cat hair- but no, it’s definitely fungal.

Joy. Time to break out the copper I suppose.

The cat presence is still felt however, as evidenced by the continued digging up of cabbages.

I’ve lost a few, which is the perfect excuse to buy some more for planting. I’m not letting the furry jerk(s) win.

In other not great news, the pea flowers are wilting despite being more then adequately watered.

What the problem seems to be is that the vines were battered about too much in the windstorms, meaning that some parts are ok, but others were essentially severed internally, meaning the water can’t travel up the damaged vines. So the bits that I had to re tie up are basically dying. Basically my peas are a bust because of a little wind.


The fabric bed that is just annoying got so washed out that everything that wasn’t already a mess is turning yellow. I’m just waiting for dad to come home from PT rehab so I can pull all the parsnips for stock and junk the bed for something more sturdy. They of course are root veg, and therefore at this point the yellowing leaves isn’t really an issue. Still aggravating.

Why yes that’s scale on my green onions, and no I don’t want to talk about it.

Ah the carrot bed. Filled with? WEEDS. I’m giving it another week but… yeah. It looks like they didn’t germinate.

I will end on a good note. The peas that failed, only failed because of the wind conditions, and the vines that did bear fruit gave me the absolute nicest shelling peas I’ve had. SO the seeds themselves are good, and the plants do grow well, but I will need a much sturdier trellis. Luckily I work at a garden center- so later this year, peas will be had.

The weather can go jump in a ditch though.


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