The only plant(s) appropriate for the weather

Not everything in a vegetable garden needs to be edible. A truly lovely salvia came into work the other day and I snagged it. “Ember’s wish” is just a gorgeous specimen- I look forward to feeding the hummingbirds. Also threw in some anise hyssop into the mix because why not.

Both plants are good choices for hot weather, and can really stand the thermal pounding we’re getting this week.

It looks like the September hellacious heat waves have begun. It will easily crack 90 today, so my veggies for fall that have not been planted yet because of the smoke- are now chilling inside not being planted because of the heat.

I may have jumped the gun on the fall veggies ok? No need to rub it in.

At least the late season cucumbers are loving it- and the heat might forestall any more mildew until winter.

I’m not loving it- gonna wilt like my chard soon.

At least the hummingbirds will be happy.


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