Temporarily indoor tea

Welp. It’s nearly winter and it’s starting to show- the wind has been whipping around both my garden and the nursery- knocking over everything and evaporating the moisture from the soil. A lesser casualty in my garden is my tea plant. The wind knocked a whole stem off one night- and I had to overnight the poor plant in the office.

This was inconvenient but better then losing more green new growth.

I haven’t given up on the stem- I’m gonna try to root it.

Oddly a winter-ish stem is the best for propagating a Camellia- I think- so this might succeed?

Anyways I’ve put the tea plant out again, but we’ll see if I have to drag it in again.

I mulched my beds heavily this year so other than my wind snap issue I’ve not had many problems. It’s still a pain. I have a new potting bench that has helped me organize my bits and bobs so that random wind storms don’t throw them around the garden because I’m bad at putting things away, so it’s more about making sure the plants with new growth are protected. Eh- there are worse problems.

Like figuring out how to return to blogging after a long hiatus. Just got to hope I root too I suppose.


4 thoughts on “Temporarily indoor tea

  1. Camellias are somewhat easy to root. The cutting is a bit large, and could actually be cut into two cuttings, right above that tiny leaf in the middle. I prefer to cut the leaves in half to limit evapotranspiration. A jar over the cutting might be a bit more comfortable for it too.

  2. Was gardening and thinking of you – I hope all is well, and that you just haven’t been blogging.


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