An Apology

So I’ve been obviously neglecting the blog- and frankly my garden for a few weeks. There’s a very easy explanation- I had a very bad migraine that kept me inside for a while and when I had recovered, the air was so unhealthy in San Francisco that I found staying outside to do more than a cursory watering unbearable. On the days when the air is clearer and I’m not at work, (a rare confluence) I’m forced to do a weeks worth of garden chores in a few hours. You can see the flecks of ash on my blue basil- most mornings a new layer comes.

I know this blog is niche and not super popular- and yet I’ve had many good conversations with the few of you who keep up with it and I’m sorry that I’ve been unable to keep up with posting. I wish I could say when I can resume regular posting, but considering how fire season is just beginning- I can’t make any promises.

I’ve built a new plant stand and I have tons of starts for fall and winter planting… and they’re all mostly still in their six-packs and 4″ pots as I carefully tend them waiting for better air so I can plant them all properly.

Fingers crossed for better air- and if you can please support the people who’ve lost everything in these fires in California.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “An Apology

  1. I’m always happy to read your posts when you make them, but taking care of yourself is more important! I hope you’re feeling better. (I would say “and that things are back to normal soon” but what is normal?)

    I did get my elevated planter up and running, and put together a screened cover for it this weekend, and planted some basil seedlings in it! So you’ve inspired gardening in GA, even if you’re not able to spend as much time gardening there as you would like.

  2. Actually . . . I have been out too. Except for the weekly gardening column and old articles from the same column, my posts are recycled from a few years ago.
    It happens.
    We were evacuated for a while, so now that I have time off from previous obligations, I start into a new set of obligations. It will be a while before I catch up.

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