Collard down!

San Francisco has been windy lately. Like- really windy. Now this is normal for the area, we just have random gust storms sometimes. I’ve blogged about them in the past, mostly complaining about the havoc wreaked. Sometimes these windstorms happen with the rains in winter- sometimes in the heat of summer. That’s the problematic one- because if it’s very very windy when it’s very very hot- smaller plants can get dessicated overnight. Wind even by itself can be dangerously drying- one of the many reasons why mulch is good.

Luckily for me the heat wave has broken, so while we’re getting gust storms, nothing got dessicated.

Un-luckily for me- the gust storm last night was uh… extra gusty.

Yeah. I thought I heard a “wump” in the dead of the night last night- guess this was it.

The tree collard, in it’s heavy ass pot, got blown sideways into the pineapple mint on it’s stand- knocking both into the now-empty greenhouse.

As bad as that looked- it seems like no harm no foul. No broken pottery- no broken stand- plants look fine. Hell, even the wine bottle water holder was intact! A miracle!

That was a fluke- and in the face of continuing gusts I am taking NO CHANCES.

Concrete flanks to the big pot-

And the pineapple mint and it’s stand get to sit on the floor for a few days.

And even though the greenhouse has a good weight on it- and almost certainly did not fall over in the wind, instead was popped over by the force of the mint- don’t care, it’s getting moved.

The wind is howling so much that the Golden Gate bridge is screaming- I’ll not take chances with my new creation here. So into the corner it goes for a few days.

Besides, that will give me some time to weed under the pallet. And figure out if I need a greenhouse at the moment at all.

I probably do- I want to start some more spinach and lettuce seeds. But it will have to wait for the winds to stop.

I’m also gonna take a look to see if I can’t anchor my tree collard to the fence somehow without harming it- but that’ll take some planning.

This was a fun thing to wake up to!


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