Collard down!

San Francisco has been windy lately. Like- really windy. Now this is normal for the area, we just have random gust storms sometimes. I've blogged about them in the past, mostly complaining about the havoc wreaked. Sometimes these windstorms happen with the rains in winter- sometimes in the heat of summer. That's the problematic one- … Continue reading Collard down!

Captain’s log: February 2nd 2020

Whoo! New year new month! Same damp bullshit! Now there's some partial good news in this picture- it looks like the carrots have sprouted! Finally! However you might also notice the goddamn mother-hugging mushrooms sprouting their stupid goddamn caps all through the goddamn soil. Goddamn. In other making me swear new and inventive invective news- … Continue reading Captain’s log: February 2nd 2020