Captain’s log: Late April plant madness

My wonderful local garden center is still open in a limited capacity, as growing your own food is (rightly) an essential activity. My family’s personal risks are too high for me to resume work at this moment, but the fact that my job has pivoted to edibles (no not like that!) means a ton of selection for those of us who will have to rely on deliveries.

And since I’m looking at sheltering at home through May- I got a delivery.

The Adam Gherkins failed- but that’s not surprising as our very wet weather can sometimes screw a young cucumber plant.

So I got two replacements. I am growing my prefered telegraph improved by seed but that takes a while so some extra starts it is.

I also got a bevy of herbs to tide me over.

I also got something to worry the owl.

It’s this year’s monster squash!

This two gallon monster Zucchini plant will get planted in the large green pot but it took some maneuvering, and for now she can just sit on the bench and bother the owl.

Took a bit of effort to move the large green pot down the step- and I had to break up some old edging to raise the pot, but I was ready to plant.

Healthy root system- that’s what I like to see!

Now that’s a squash plant!

Very happy about this- it means a month’s head start on eating zucchini.

Of course I got another Parsley- can never have too many.

Ok maybe I have too many. But Chimichurri!

Now this one is a stretch.

Classic basil is always a crapshoot in San Francisco because it’s not very hot. But large mammoth type anything tend to be heartier.

So I took a chance.

It’ll get some good sun on that table.

The shiso is also gonna soak up some rays. Tell you what the garden’s gonna smell amazing!

And finally, my new cucumber starts are under that glorious trellis I hurt my back building.

As long as it doesn’t pour again I’m fairly sure they’ll make it. I’m pretty sure I noted at the time I planted the gherkins that it was crazy early for cucumbers.

April is a much more reasonable time to plant.

I’m just not very reasonable.