Greenhouse time AT LAST

The greenhouse saga extends far into the past.

Maybe… 6-7 years ago dad and I did some research and bought a really nice and pricey greenhouse that was meant to go against a wall or a fence. Glass and metal, would take a day and both of us to put together, and yes we’d have to figure out some way to anchor it properly, it’s California, earthquakes are real- etc etc. Basically exactly the sort of thing dad and I loved to do together.

Then I needed yet another ankle surgery, the garden at the time was abandoned, and the really nice permanent greenhouse was shoved into the shed and forgotten about.

Then two years or so ago, as documented on this very blog I got a cheap-o but functional greenhouse bench, which turned into just a bench because it was much more functional as a seedling and storage platform then a greenhouse.

Meanwhile the really good greenhouse is still in it’s packaging, shoved in the back of the shed, waiting for it’s moment.

This is not that greenhouse. This is not that moment.

Look- I still want to put together and install the very-good-greenhouse. But it’s made of such materials that I’d have to plan and anchor it and maybe pour concrete? Which while admittedly I have the time for that, I just do not have the spoons. Also it’s most likely a two person job and after dad’s fall…

Nope. Not this year. But I still need a greenhouse, and this one was cheap and cheerful and functional. I bought it earlier this year, and promptly forgot about it because it was pouring, and I was working a lot.

But now- now I have time.

Huh this looks simple to install.

Oh thank god it’s modular.

Not only is this style of greenhouse easy to put up, with no nuts and bolts It’ll be super easy to take down!

Oh man and it’s constructed well to boot. Parts all fit together, no need to grab a mallet and swear- easiest thing I’ve put together for the garden ever.

Now this was the place I thought I’d put it at first, afternoon sun, out of the way… but I’d have to tie up the blackberries…

I could also put it here…

I did a test fit here on top of a half pallet- and it looked good.

But then the wind picked up and the whole darn thing started to wobble. And that’s before the cover was put on.

So back against the fence it went, and I just had to tie up the blackberries.

I also got some use out of the old stone edgers as weight.

And there you have it! A warm space for baby tomatoes and any other seedlings to come.

The modular nature of the greenhouse has the extra bonus of making it easy to take down when it starts pouring in November as well.

And this way I sort of have a test run for this space when I eventually put together big bertha greenhouse that’s still sitting in the shed.

So the greenhouse saga continues, but for now, I’m satisfied.


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