Accidental basil acquisition

Strange times we live in.

Adjusting to the new reality of grocery deliveries has been difficult, if only because I can be a bit of a technical luddite despite my age and have a bad habit of not checking the details on the things I put in my online shopping cart.

This has led in happier times to buying 1lb containers of spices when I thought I was getting 1oz- stuff like that.

I thought I was getting a plastic clamshell of picked basil leaves.

That is a plant.

Of the delicious but difficult to grow in this climate Italian basil.


It’s very healthy at least- clearly greenhouse grown- but how am I going to keep it alive?

Oh right I have a greenhouse now!

Welcome my new basil plant that I didn’t even want to the hot room I made for my tomatoes. You’ll fit right in.

This is a weird year in that between the undying African blue basil, the mammoth basil I bought on a lark, and now my accidental basil, I have more basil in my garden than I think I’ve ever had.

Time to brush up on my pesto recipes!


9 thoughts on “Accidental basil acquisition

  1. You might think that someone with a name like ‘Tony Tomeo’ would know what to do with basil. However, I do not grow it, mainly because for all the effort, it might all get used at once, and then be gone for a while. I prefer vegetable plants that keep on giving.

      1. Yes! There are easier things to grow. Most people who buy those sorts of plants in the supermarket use the entire top right away, and then discard the plants.

  2. The basil couldn’t have been delivered to a better home!

    Do you have advice for black spots on rose bush leaves? Should I use neem oil?

    1. Neem can work for black spot- if that doesn’t work or only works a little copper fungicide is stronger. But if you use copper- be careful not to breath it in. It’s safe otherwise but not internally!

      1. Thank you! I uncovered the rose bushes from our ivy mess of a backyard, and I would like for them to be healthy. I am trying to reclaim small sections at a time, and then keep them reclaimed.

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