Allium Alumni

My love of alliteration is both an impediment to a good title and a help in these trying times where otherwise a title might be something rather blah.

Or deeply depressing. I’m not sure the title makes a great deal of sense, but this is a post about the onion family crops in my garden so it’s as good as any. I apologize for what is most certainly bad latin grammar.

Firstly, the bad news.

Those darn black aphids are back at it. The good news here is that these are opportunistic chives in a defunct bed- so who cares!

The actual chives I eat are in the offensively rectangular pot and are happily aphid free.

However the spring return of those awful aphids did spur me to check on the other alliums in the garden- just in case.

The leeks in the mixed bed are doing great, but the bed itself was super weedy so I did a little cleaning up. Weeds do harbor bad bugs, always best to tidy up etc etc.

The borage is growing by leaps and bounds which is exciting.

The garlics are all sprouted, and at this point only need a little fertilizer.

Also an exorcist as the scale is being just awful. I’ve directed some ladybug priests here and I’m hand de-scaling as needed but what a pain.

And then there’s this mess. Which is actually in fairly good shape. Only a couple of the nasty aphids, and while weedy- growing nicely.

Not sure my plan for storage onions worked, but as far as nice spring onions it’s a roaring success.

Like something from a farmer’s market!

Of course it’s all very wet from the last bit of downpour, so I have to figure out a way to dry them out…

Yeah! Going full old country here, as I have no space to hang them inside.

Legit proud of these- won’t know how they’ll taste for a while, but as we’ve suddenly swing into sunny weather- I think I’ll get some nice spring onions to eat soon.

These onions are voted most likely to succeed- ok the alumni joke doesn’t really work but I’m trying to stick to form.

Also since we’re talking now about a single type of allium it would more properly be alumnus but since there are more than one onion in this bunch maybe still alumni…

Oh god not doing a latin grammar derail.

I’m going out to weed, a much more productive use of my time.



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