Weekend Open Thread 4/11/20-4/12/20

Hi everyone!

This is a tired and productive bumble bee with some pollen coated legs taking a rest after pollinating my luscious strawberries!

But since I was a dingus and forgot a couple weeks of open threads, I’m opening up one now. What’s new with you? What are you growing, or seeing bloom in your neighborhood? How have you been?

General commenting rules of kindness and no doom apply.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread 4/11/20-4/12/20

  1. We had a big storm come through last night, so I couldn’t plant seeds (morning glories of all types) yesterday like I wanted. I ran outside and planted some at lunch just now (have more for after work) and it was very soothing.

    I am very lucky to be able to work from home, and am actually enjoying it. I may not want to go back to the office!

    I love your garden updates, and I am learning so much!

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