Clearing the beds for spring planting

Even if you don’t have what you need for spring planting yet, sometimes the old plants have to go.

The mystery Kale was most likely some kind of sea kale or Portuguese kale. And I have to say- it was very yummy. Alas it’s time has come. Marking it as different then the others is the fact that it’s gone to seed flowers are a lovely shade of white instead of yellow like the others.

I clear cut them. The roots are still in the ground largely so I can examine them for eggs. But it looks like even more of the beds are freeing up- for plants I don’t have yet.

My overwintering peppers are also in the compost bin, it was an experiment that did not work. Oh well.

I was going to keep the kale as it hadn’t bolted…

nope nope nope nope.

nope nope nope nope.


SO. I have 4 full beds empty and the bed the Yerba Buena has claimed for her own. That’s a bed that also has a flowering shungiku which I’m just gonna let go for the buzzy boys to have an early feast.

The ladybugs are a tad miffed I removed their feast but I’m sure more aphids will move in soon- just not those awful gag-inducing grey ones.

Besides, I have a lot to put in, considering it’s only March!

And now I have the space for it! Lovely how these things work out sometimes!


3 thoughts on “Clearing the beds for spring planting

  1. Oh, the removal of last season’s vegetables! It would be easier if winter was long enough for all the cool season vegetables to finish. In autumn, it would be easier if frost got cool enough to actually kill the warm season vegetables. It is not easy to take them out while they are still going.

    1. the half bolted ones are the worst- you pinch out the flowers and harvest as much as you can- but the warm weather sends the grey aphids into a tizzy so it’s a race to eat as much as you can.

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