March madness? No- Mint madness!

Going back to my roots with eccentric and exciting mints.

We begin with my favorite, red-stemmed peppermint. As detailed a few posts ago, one prone to bugs, but possessing of the most delightful scent. He was potted up in a favorite pot of mine, from a sale a while back.

But what of my earlier acquisitions, a beautiful orange mint?

I’ve been saving this pot for something special- and this beautiful smelly baby fits the bill.

In other news, two of the mints I put to pasture over the winter have re-sprouted and now after a heavy groom of the dead twigs, have rejoined the living. This means not only my indomitable pineapple mint, but also my Moroccan mint, my strawberry mint, and happy days- my Roman mint, are back with us! The strawberry mint needs a little help, but it seems to be doing all right.

Of course, not all mints re-sprouting in my garden are wholly welcome.

It’s been nearly 7 YEARS since I purposefully planted you- and nearly 3 YEARS since I ripped out your roots and your bed and put a better one on top.

Why wont you die?

Smells good though. Quality apple mint even if it’s an annoying Lazarus.

Anyways, lesson learned- mint belongs in pots.

Even if it’s entertaining to see the results of not doing that.


6 thoughts on “March madness? No- Mint madness!

    1. That’s a pony tail palm! you actually don’t have to repot it if you don’t want to- they like being sort of contained- but yeah even for a pony tail he looks a little constricted. Any larger pot with drainage will do- but maybe a shallower one then average- their roots tend to not be as deep as other plants.

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