Sunday Open Thread 3/15/20

So I’m self-isolating and I bet a lot of you are too. I’m not in any real risk personally but my parents are in multiple high risk groups and I’m not taking any chances.

We have to flatten that curve!

One of the things I’m gonna be doing in the next two weeks is a lot of gardening!

Of course at the moment it’s raining cats and dogs.

But how about our indoor jungles?

Indoor, outdoor, I’d love to hear from you in this trying time. What are you growing? What grows where you garden? Any houseplant or veggie questions?

The only rules are no nastiness and no doom talk.


13 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread 3/15/20

  1. Hello! My houseplants are really enjoying me being at home, since I have lots of time to mist them daily and tend to their needs. I have especially been enjoying seeing my gigantic peace lily thrive. I found it in the garbage a while ago, and it had a lot of broken stems and damaged leaves, and I wasn’t sure how to take care of it or if it would make it. It had a lot of brown tips on its leaves for a while, but I found a less sunny spot for it and now it’s happily putting out lots of new growth. 🙂

    1. hmmm that’s a maybe. Aloe grows new leaves from the center, so if the center bit looks healthy like at the very core odds are with time it will regrow. If the center was somehow damaged though over time the plant may wither. Aloe is very hardy though so I’d give it a chance.

  2. I had planned on taking this and next week off to catch up with other obligations, but then got laid off for the same time anyway. It is a long story, but without business here, there is no revenue to pay employees. Anyway, I will be starting the garden next door. I know it is late, but I had not intended to grow anything there this year. Everything will get sown directly, or planted as seedlings purchased from the hardware store. I will grow no seedlings myself. I will also be canning copies of flowering quince from a neighbor, an many seedling cedars that need to be cleared from the landscape. This bad situation came at a good time.

  3. That aloe will be fine. Just do not water it too much. It consumes less moisture with less foliage, and is sensitive to rot if watered too frequently.

  4. I bought some potted herbs to start my herb garden late last week, and still have seeds to start (yes, late).

    We cleaned out the garage this weekend, which has been planned, but now means I have room to start seeds!

    I really wonder how large a garden I would need to have to provide fresh greens for our three bunnies, but I suspect the answer is too large!


    1. fresh greens all year round- oh yeah, you most likely don’t have the space- but a few very nutritious snack greens as a treat every so often, you prob do! And it’s not too late I don’t think- a lot of folk start their seeds on the ides.

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