Finally- it’s cabbage time

Specifically Brassica rapa var. Pekinensis. Yeah. It’s napa cabbage time.

The 4×4 bed has been cleared, so it was just a matter of shoving over the mulch for planting.

Oh yes, this is a well amended bed.

It was at this point I realized I had less space in this bed then I thought for everything that wasn’t cabbage.

Luckily broccolini is more tall then wide so they don’t need too much space.

Kohlrabi is also leggy, but I only had room for two bok choys here, because I’m going for bigger heads. The maggots did get the heads in the pea bed so I lost some of my big boys. I’m going to have to harvest everything planted pre-nematode young to avoid damage.

Which leaves me with a few left in the six-pack,

And just oceans of leeks.

So here’s my problem. This bed, since I wasn’t sure what was going in, was never nematode treated. If I’m putting bok choy in here, it absolutely needs to be.

Luckily nematodes come in smaller sizes then my previous package. I just have to do what I did last time- just at dusk.

Well, it was not dusk when I did this, it was night time, because I forgot that the solstice is approaching.

I didn’t even bother with putting it in the watering can- I just carried the bucket over in the dark and sloshed it all in. I am very proud to say I did not get nematode water all over my pants!

I did get nematode water all over my shoes.

I guess my shoes are protected from cabbage fly maggots now.

Buckets are dangerous.


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