Vegetable haul November 2019

Well I do have a bed to fill- and it’s time for winter herbs.

I may have gone a tad overboard but a substantial employee discount will do that to you.

I got something I’ve never grown- edible chrysanthemum greens- also known as shungiku. Along with the komatsuna, I’m looking forward to some winter hot pot.

It’s finally time.

I’m gonna eat well this winter!


3 thoughts on “Vegetable haul November 2019

  1. Edible chrysanthemum leaves does not even sound good. That is like eating chamomile or feverfew. I suppose that the strangeness of it is a good reason to grow it.

      1. I do no doubt that it is tasty; but ‘tasty’ is not the same as ‘tastes good’.
        It certainly is compelling though. When I was a kid, someone who worked in my Pa’s office in San Bruno made Chinese (I think) tea that was flavored with flowers from the same sorts of camellias that made the tea, as well as flowers of hibiscus and, of all things, chrysanthemums. It tasted like it was flavored with chamomile, but not quite. The guy who brought the tea noticed that I liked it, so brought herbal tea with more of the flowers in it.

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