At long last, a home for the scallions

 I’ve had some scallions in 6-packs for a while now. I was going to replace the ones in the terra-cotta but then those got scale and I was busy.

As you can see they’ve been a little neglected.

But now I have a fancy new long and low talavera pot.

So I filled it with the good dirt and…

Shit some of the starts have scale too.

Luckily not all of them.

As for what I’ll replace them with, I’ve always wanted to try these.

But also some of the original.

Let’s hope they’ll sprout in the cold- but onions almost never disappoint.

And there’s room for all of them!

Minus the ones I had to compost because of the scale.

I really have to conquer this ant issue…


4 thoughts on “At long last, a home for the scallions

  1. Cuss! On some ornamental plants and even citrus, I tolerate a bit of scale until the predators take care of them; but that is only because they do not ruin what the plants are being grown for.
    In San Francisco, do you grow those whenever you want to, or must it be done in season?

      1. I sort of think they are supposed to be put out at the end of winter and at the end of summer. However, it seems to me that they are always out there. They would be even happier there, without the dry warmth of summer and the slighter cooler frost in winter. I seriously don’t think it gets hot enough even in San Jose to bother them. They seem to be quite resilient to mild frost, even when other things get frozen.

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