Oh boy oh boy oh boy

Got two late season tomatoes and a funny blueberry and an absolute crap-ton of herbs… and a freaking tree collard!

and that’s not even the half of it.

Gonna rip out the carrot bed and fill up the potato bags…

Gonna amend all the beds…

And start some new seeds for my friends…


Tomorrow is going to be nuts.


7 thoughts on “Oh boy oh boy oh boy

  1. Tree collards! I did not think anyone else knew about those anymore. I had never seen it in a nursery. When I went to Watts for the first time in 1986, I saw them quite commonly. My friends there told me that rooted cuttings of it are traditional house warming gifts.

    1. We got a small flat in sloat a few months ago. Before I got the job I had looked at them and considered them. But yesterday I was re-organizing the edible tables and noticed how many we had left so I utilized my generous employee discount!

      1. I am sort of curious about it now. I got the impression is that it can be perpetuated indefinitely, just by making cuttings off the top to replace old plants. I really do not know much about it.

          1. Well, when I summered in Montara, surrounded by all those Brussels sprouts, I sort of got tired of them. I got over it though.

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