Re-organizing the garden and potting up the new plants

Well potting up the mint- the chervil goes into the herb bed.

It’s a happy little herb. It’s gonna be sunny, cold and (hopefully) dry for a while, so I’m mulching everything well to avoid moisture loss.

I’ve moved a lot of things, including the lovage that was against the east wall. It just never sprouted, so I folded up the tables and repurposed the lovage pots as the new mint pots.

Yes this completely invalidates my updated garden map.

This is strawberry mint, one of my favorites from the thunderdome. It’s living around my future tomato pots, as I want to intersperse my plants as much as possible to resist bugs.

This pretty kid is pineapple mint, one of the funny varieties. Smells fantastic though- I anticipate good tea from this guy.

I also moved the sorrel to a shadier spot. Now that the days are lengthening- the north part of my garden is getting more sun, too much for Audrey 3 here.

This was a good day’s work between the mowing and the planting- the garden’s only going to take more work as the days get longer. Here’s hoping the soil gets warm enough for bean seeds soon!


One thought on “Re-organizing the garden and potting up the new plants

  1. Those are some rather fancy pots for herbs. In our warmer and sunnier climate (on the Santa Clara Valley side) I prefer the cheap unglazed terra cotta pots because they do not get so warm and are porous on the inside. On the front of the home, there were glazed urns that I put canned plants into (they were potted in the cans, and the cans were set into the glazed urns.) Ideally, trailing plants cover the exteriors of the pots, but that would sort of defeat the purpose of pretty urns.

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