The groundhog strikes again, bolting brassicas abound.

If you care for rodent based prognostication, you may be aware that the little furry guy in Pennsylvania has predicted an early spring. Now I'm no believer in augury- and yet yesterday while I was at work it was 78 degrees in the garden. Mom was heroic and saved most everything through some emergency watering- … Continue reading The groundhog strikes again, bolting brassicas abound.

Captain’s log: February 2nd 2020

Whoo! New year new month! Same damp bullshit! Now there's some partial good news in this picture- it looks like the carrots have sprouted! Finally! However you might also notice the goddamn mother-hugging mushrooms sprouting their stupid goddamn caps all through the goddamn soil. Goddamn. In other making me swear new and inventive invective news- … Continue reading Captain’s log: February 2nd 2020