The greenhouse starts to pay off!

Otherwise known as: Too Many Cucurbits.

This all started last month, but it’s ongoing and wonderful.

We had a wet early April/late March. Most of the seedlings in the greenhouse were happy to be shielded from the deluge, and I was happy for our cities water table. The few plants that were already out were happy because they were getting some good rainwater.

Some seedlings however, were getting a bit too big for their little cells, specifically, all my squashes and cucumbers.

So it was time to pot on the cucurbits. My two types of cucumbers, three types of summer squash and one type of winter squash, all got a glow-up to bigger pots. That winter squash that has all those roots wasn’t even the most rooted of the little guys. Some had so many roots I had a hard time popping them out of their little cells.

That turned out to be quite a lot of plants to be dealing with, so I’m glad I still haven’t thrown out some of my ratty old folding tables.

I made a potting mix a while back from some coir, compost, and perlite for drainage, and that combo seems to be a winner, so I used it here.

The greenhouse was nice and full then, and is nice and full now.

Perhaps now, a little too full.

All of the cucurbits save one have survived and thrived. May 1st planting is going to be busy and productive, and it looks like I’m going to have the best problem a gardener can have, the problem of drowning in squashes and cucumbers.

That’s what pickling and friends are for. Preserve what you can for later, and pop up like a vegetable giving ghoul at your friends places and foist endless zucchini upon them.

What can possibly go wrong?


2 thoughts on “The greenhouse starts to pay off!

  1. O gosh! The zucchini! Giving them all away is not easy! I am fortunate that one of our landscapes is next door to a post office, and the postmaster does not mind if I leave a box of zucchini out there for whomever wants to take some. They actually get taken. I do not even like zucchini. I only grow it because other people like it, and it is so reliable and easy.

    1. My mother has a very restricted diet due to UC and summer and winter squashes are some of the only vegetables she can tolerate- so growing zucchinis is always a good thing for my household. But I over-sowed this year anticipating more failures… whoops!

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