August construction

I’ve been pretty busy. Both at work and at home and in the garden. So I’ve been tearing out anything that isn’t bearing or was a bad experiment and the like. Lots of harvests- and lots of harvest to come. But my herb situation has been a mess for a while- and it’s time to fix that.

As such- I’ve pared down my shade herb/kitchen herb area to things I might actually use/things that will grow well here.

The area near my back door is semi-shaded, and as such is perfect for things like Cilantro and Parsley that will bolt in too much sun. That being said the higher up herbs get a good amount as most of my garden is full sun.

Clearly my cheap-ass ross tables weren’t cutting it. The water from watering was warping them- and they weren’t high enough to take advantage of the full sun- and not low enough to take advantage of the shade. So no matter the type of herb- no one was happy.

But my birthday was last month. And I got some very generous gift cards from my lovely friends and family who weren’t able to go shopping because of the whole pandemic situation. The garden thanks all of you!

Oh yeah. Plant stand.

This was great fun. It also gave me an opportunity to work with dad in the garden again- the first time since his stint in the hospital last winter. He’s much better- but I’m officially the house shtarker now- so he’s not been doing much putting together of things like he used to.

This wasn’t super difficult mind- but it was one of those things that is much easier with a helper holding the darn vertical bits in place. Dad was also able to find a 10mm socket somewhere to help me tighten up the screws- so this thing is solid.

Hey- I learned my shtarker-craft from the best!



It has a much slimmer profile to boot- which makes it easier to get around, and easier to clean the concrete pad.

So that’s that! sun herbs like thyme and sage and basil up top- cilantro and scallions and parsley more to the side and under. I’m still moving things about- but so far it’s a dream. Dad suggested before the winter deluge to get some sort of paint or water-proof stain on it- and I agree with him. For now though- it means I have a perfect place for the herbs that are more everyday use.

Mind you as mentioned I’m still in a major late summer garden overhaul- but this little bit of construction makes me feel great.

Delightfully I got a visit from a red admiral while I was working. Pretty fellow- looks good against blue.

Here’s to August shaping up to be better than the rest of the year!

No idea how it could be worse…


2 thoughts on “August construction

    1. You haven’t missed much! I’ve been struggling to keep up with posting due to how nuts work has been. As an essential business we’ve been making weekend in Spring money every day- and with a lot of new staff. So I’ve been so knackered I have been in maintenance mode in the garden. I had an extra day off on my B-day so I hopped to it and ripped a lot of stuff out and started planting again. Hope to post more soon but It’s been really busy!

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