Surprise and not so surprise harvests

So the cucumbers are a mess- on account of the fact that they’re cucumbers and it’s San Francisco.

They’re also decently productive so I’ve had to keep an eye on them.

The reason to keep an eye on them is multi-purpose. In order to have any sort of productive vine you have to constantly battle with powdery mildew.

But also…

Because sometimes they surprise you with mega-cukes.

This is why I like to grow the telegraph improved. They don’t get bitter at larger sizes like the boston pickles. So instead of finding a big boy like this and thinking “damn- I’ll have to compost this it’ll be inedible” my first thought was “ooh big cuke!” Of course you can keep a closer eye on your vines so you harvest them at a more reasonable size but I don’t have time for that.

The cucumbers aren’t the only vines that are producing well while looking a mess.

It’s alive?

The spike tomatoes have to be the best variety I’ve ever grown. The plant is a mess and yet I’m just picking tomatoes every day.

Overall this is one of my best tomato hauls in years- possibly ever- and the seasons nowhere near done. Next up are the black krims which also look terrible but are ripening regardless.

It’s August and I’m rich in tomatoes. At least one aspect of 2020 doesn’t suck!


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