July bugs

So it’s kinda a regular July mess out back- in a good way.

Lots of stuff is ripening, I’m getting loads of squash and cucumbers- but also some really interesting bugs.

I’m not sure if this is a beneficial or not but I don’t care. It’s probably pollinating. But wow it’s pretty. It’s clearly some sort of bee or wasp and it’s a shimmery iridescent blue-black.

That’s my woe-begotten celery that I’m allowing to go to seed because why not. It’s not giving me celery that’s for sure.

Not sure what kind of caterpillar this is- but as it isn’t a looper I’m allowing it. Lovely swallowtails have been spotted in the garden and while my feelings on caterpillars in general are quite negative I’ve been allowing the parsley to go to seed anyways so I might as well let this fellow enjoy the plant.

But as to my favorite bugs- it looks like my ladybug carpet bomb worked like a treat.

I keep finding my ladies on just about every plant- even those far away from my messy tomatoes.

They’re a nice surprise to have.


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