A new bed for May

I really went whole hog on weed wacking the yard this week. It was the perfect weather for it, nice and warm without being boiling.

I only had to re-string the darn thing once, thought I did run through all the charged battery packs.

See- nice and trim. But oh so empty…

I have a solution to that.

Drumroll please.

Ah the sweet smell of a new cedar bed.

Which matches all my other wooden ones!

Only this one has a secret.

Attached trellis!

I swear to god by this time last year I was drowning in cucumbers and the fact that I’m not this year is a sin against me and nature. So instead of my lovely homemade trellis which will hopefully be fine for some squashes- I now have this beauty for my cukes, which as it’s cedar, should repel everything and anything that would eat my beautiful babies.

And because I was bored and it gave me an excuse to use a power drill, I actually did attach the little end caps on the tops because this bed is a little more front and center then some of the old ones and I want it to be pretty.

Also bzzt bzzt power drills are fun.

The absolute best thing is of course lining the bed with the cardboard it came in.

No waste, and one less thing to recycle. Hopefully also one less bed vulnerable to those damn gophers.

Ah- the most wonderful sight in the world. Fresh dirt.

Of course I will have to wait a bit til my baby cucumbers are planting size- but still, that whole front area is just begging for some chard.

I just have to keep myself busy!

So I don’t go around naming all my garden furniture.


2 thoughts on “A new bed for May

  1. Oh my! It just gets fancier all the time.
    After a month of not working, there will be a lot of weed whacking going on here. We must get help from people who do not even work in the landscapes. (They are not very busy because there is not much work for them while we are still closed to the public.)

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