Root vegetable jamboree

So my carrot bed is more than a little bit of a disappointment.

Which means it’s perfect for my potatoes that have been patiently waiting to planted for… a while.

After the disaster last year that was a bed full of gorgeous carrots that were totally tasteless- I really amended the bed well, sowed it thickly… and barely any came up.


And yet- that’s a decent carrot- even if it needs more time growing.

So in my quest to finally plant my potatoes, I did break out the shovel to carefully excavate the remaining carrots.

Hmmm. So the nice ones on the right are going right in the fridge but it seems like a crying shame to compost the little guys on the left.

And that’s how the carrot bag was born.

My issues with fabric pots extend only to their use in housing tree collards, but for root vegetables they are worth their weight in gold.

So we’ll see if they take and I get some bonus carrots. I sowed some more seeds as well.

But- back to the main event.

It’s time my purple pretties.

I wonder how you’ve been doing in there?

Growing like gangbusters I see!

Did I buy these in February? Yes.

Should they have been planted then? Yes.

Did I plant them then? No.

Do I want to talk about that? No.

Moving on.

Spud goes down, purple tendrils go up.

Then it was just a matter of mounding more dirt on top and watering it in. The carrot bed is now a potato bed! Which should work better then my potato bags which are very hit or miss.

Anyways it was a lovely bit of warm spring weather when I planted these beauties- that is now a tad dreary but that’s just how it works. And it doesn’t matter how long you procrastinate as long as you do it eventually.

Root vegetables are very forgiving.



One thought on “Root vegetable jamboree

  1. Oh, goodness. I have nothing to say about . . . that which I will say nothing about.
    Anyway, will those small carrots resume growth now that they are pulled?
    I HATE carrots SO much, but had to plant them for everyone else. YUCK! I planted beets for myself, and because no one else seems to like them, I might get them all to myself. Neither has done very well, and not just because I go out and say mean things to the carrots. This new batch happens to be in a spot where they get watered by nearby automated irrigation. I did not know that until the irrigation was turned back on. I think that regular irrigation will keep them happy, even though they are totally disgusting and orange and crunchy and carroty. Yuck!

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